Introducing the Original AHI Board

Hawaii Trip

I recently took my 16 year old son on a tropical vacation for his birthday. We both decided that we wanted to seek out a place that would guarantee us waves. After a quick discussion we decided to go to the North Shore of Oahu. Both my son and I are avid surfers and love riding waves any way we can. We both brought our surf boards. We also brought along an AHI body board.

With limited space in our surfboard travel bag, we were able to simply check the AHI as a “checked” bag. The airline charged us for the surf bag, but the AhI board was considered “checked luggage” with no added baggage fee! We had a very thin bag that covered the board to prevent scuffs, but the bag really didn’t do much. We could have easily checked the board with no bag, and it would have been totally fine. These boards are so durable that it could literally be at the bottom of the plane’s storage covered with luggage and be fine.

To make a long story short, we rode waves every day! My son and I are entry level body boarders at best. But when Pipeline and Backdoor started to get bigger we quickly ran in for a board swap and grabbed the AHI. This was the best decision all trip! Our wave count up and our fun meter went through the roof.  I was amazed how easy and well this board performed on this legendary wave. I was blown away how responsive the board was under my body. I felt like a professional body boarder after my first session! I didn’t even need sunscreen because I was in the barrel the entire time!

During our trip different swells came and went. There were a few days when the waves were too small or didn’t have enough shape to surf, but not for the AHI. If we hadn’t brought this board on the trip we would of spent half of the time snorkeling or building sand castles…but we came to Hawaii to ride waves!!

I highly recommend this board for any novice who just wants and introduction to wave riding, and/or a seasoned professional who wants to go fast and try something new… because from my experience this board fly’s down the line!!

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