Introducing the Original AHI Board


Ahi Wave Sled wanted to share this amazing and inspirational message we received from Faye Pelosi from Jensen Beach, Florida. Faye reached out to Ahi Wave Sled after she purchased one of our boards, her story encompasses the exact reason Matt and I decided to re-launch the Ahi Wave Sled. We both knew the Ahi was special but come to find out it’s even more special than we could have ever imagined.

Here is Faye’s Story:

Faye is 41 years old, she was born and raised in Jensen Beach, Florida where she has surfed her whole life and lives in Juno Beach, now. 5 years ago, she was partially paralyzed in a car accident and is unable to surf again.  After a long battle she was able to finally get back to being a waterman. As of now, her body has become her board as she is unable to stand up on a surfboard. She has tried the traditional body boards, which had limitations for her catching larger waves and getting into the “Florida chop” or duck diving. Her passion for the ocean and riding waves led her on a persistent pursuit to figure out how to get back to riding waves again. She reached out to a local shaper to try and mold a fiberglass body board, which unfortunately wasn’t able to float her. Frustrated and fed up, her next step was shaping her own adaptive board… Then she found the AHI Wave Sled!

“I’m so thankful for your company bringing this board to my life; Ahi Board saved my life and got me back in the water. 2ft waves or 10ft waves my ass is out there no matter what, thanks you guys!!! Every time I show up at the beach with my Ahi Board, everyone asks me, ‘what is that?’ and I’m stoked to share about it.”

Faye asked us to let her know how she can somehow be a part of sharing the AHI Wave Sled with others, especially those who are grieving being able to experience the water the way they used to, whether due to injury or age. All we ask of Faye is to keep charging and ripping up the wave. Your smile after every wave is all we could ever ask for.

As ocean enthusiasts and wave riding fanatics the one thing we all fear is having that take away from us. Faye didn’t take NO for an answer and is now able to charge waves and feel the unexplainable high we all get from the ocean. Faye is truly an inspiration to us all.

I recommend you check out Faye’s Instagram page native_treasure, her content is filled with positivity, inspiration, and the beauty that lies beneath the ocean.

Faye, thank you so much for your story, your continued support, and your stoke for the Ahi Wave Sled


"I have been loving everything about the Ahi Wave Sled and sharing the stoke!" - Nova Scotia, Canada 


" Well guess who has a giant smile on their face now? This Guy! Super fun and easy to get into waves, then actual maneuverability on the faces. Yowza! it was pretty mushy but still had an absolute blast-so just wanted to say thank you and stoked for more days on the Ahi!" - San Diego, CA


 "I absolutely love this board!  Took it out for the first time in the Pismo Beach shore break and had great rides on every wave!" - Pismo Beach, CA


"Just got back from a trip to San Elijo State beach and loved my Ahi board!  I'm still on the beginner-intermediate side of things and the Ahi was the perfect board for catching the mushy waves in that area and building my confidence and skills in the water." - Oceanside, CA


" As a matter of fact, I am impressed with the durability and blown away by the performance" - Nova Scotia, Canada


 " It sometimes feels like I'm the most stoked subset on the planet...when I'm barreled on my Ahi!" - Gaviota, CA


" Ahi been getting wet, session saver every time!" - Santa Barbara, CA


" I can't get my knees under my chest to surf lately but the Ahi is my path to the fun zone!!" - Santa Barbara, CA


" Forgot my Log today, session saver Ahi is always in the truck!!" - Goleta, CA