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"North Shore" Movie Review

 This could arguably be the best surf movie of all time. There are countless quotes and one-liners that will become ingrained in your vocabulary. I dare you to watch this movie once and it not being in your top 10 movies of ALL time…total classic. The premise of the movie as kook from Arizona who wins a wave pool contest and heads to the North Shore of Oahu. Rick put his graphic design school in New York on hold for the summer and decides to spend his contest winnings on a plane ticket to Hawaii. After leaving the comforts of Arizona, the naive Rick Kane runs into nothing but trouble.  Struggling to fit in amongst the line up at Pipeline...

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Surf Etiquette: The Golden Rules For Surfing In Crowded Lineups By Swell

  THE GOLDEN RULES OF SURF ETIQUETTE Learning to surf is far more than starting a new sport and acquiring the skills necessary to compete. It's about learning the culture, participating in the lifestyle, and having the time of your life. However, surfing can be a bit intimidating at times, and even dangerous if done incorrectly. We've all have heard stories of "surf rage" and "locals only" spots, and we've all seen gruesome surf injuries At Swell Surf Camp, we want you to be well rounded surfers that could fit in at any break in the world at the end of your surf holiday.  In order to maximize the fun, minimize the risks to yourself and others, and progress your abilities on...

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