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Mexico Surf Trip – Surf etiquette Karma

I took a guided surf trip to Salina Cruz, Mexico. Me and four friends booked a cool surf camp that provided lodging, meals, transportation, and a full-time guide. There are a handful of different camps in Salina Cruz that shuttle frothing surfers from surf break to surf break. We had a great experience and surfed uncrowded waves pretty much the entire trip… except for the second to the last day there.

The swell dropped on this day, which meant that every surf camp brought their clients to the only point break that was breaking that day. At first it was great, the crowd was very stress free, and the lineup operated as it should. Even though the waves were smaller, there was still more than enough waves coming through for everyone.

About mid-day two vans from another surf came drove up on the beach and about 8 bros piled out and paddled straight to the peak. They had zero respect for the smoothly operating line up which was working like a conveyor belt. All 8 guys immediately paddled past the take off area and cut ahead of the line. Of course, they took off too late and would blow waves most the time but slowing drifted down to where the proper take off zone was, and would jockey each other, back paddle others in the line. It completely changed the vibe of the surf sesh for everyone.

After they caught a wave, they would paddle past the “next in line” and sit deeper than everyone. Until their ringleader back paddled his own bro and took off way too deep and of course blew it. Karma rushed over all of them and during the wipe out he fell on top of is board and put a fin through thigh. He had to paddle in with blood pouring out of his gnarly gash, and since he decided to take off where he did he had to paddle in over rocks (dinging the hell out of his board) and had to walk the rest of the way over sharp rock until he hit the sand. All 8 bros had to pack up and leave so he could get the ringleader to the hospital.

We ran into the ringleader and a three of his buddies in the airport on our flight home. He told us the entire after story, and it did not sound fun. There was talk about having to go to a military hospital, and him having his “surgeon” on speed dial that would not let the Mexican doctor treat him. Surgeon on speed dial… lame.  Because of the injury they all had to go home early… day 2 of their 10-day trip! Two days after we got home perfect overhead/double overhead swell rolled though Salina Cruz and absolutely lit up all the point breaks.

Long story short, don’t pack poor surf etiquette in your travel bag… you might miss out on the swell of the year and endless barrels!

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