Introducing the Original AHI Board

Nor Cal Surf Adventure

A few friends of mine and I decided to do a surf/backpacking trip in Northern California. I’m not going to disclose the location but it’s truly a hidden gem. It was about an 8-mile (tide sensitive) beach hike to our camping spot. Don’t be fooled by the pleasant nature of “beach hike”. It was a grueling hike with deep sand, softball sized cobble stones, creak crossings, and high winds. I was the only one in my party that body boards, they all surf.

I decided to try out the AHI board for this trip, I had only ridden it a few times prior to my trip. It seemed to handle really well in smaller beach break surf, so I was excited to try it out on a point break. We strapped our board to our back packs and started on our journey. About halfway to our camp site the wind picked up. It was such heavy head wind that my friends were getting blown all over the place since their surf boards were strapped to their packs and stuck up a few feet over their heads. The AHI strapped to my pack did great in the wind and I had zero issues with fighting through the wind. My friends ended up unstrapping their boards and carrying them for the remining 4 harsh miles… I was hands free!!

When we finally got to our site it was starting to get dark, and the swell was supposed to fill in that evening. We woke up the next morning to thundering surf. We quickly came out of the woods to witness the point break absolutely firing with double overhead peelers. We quickly suited up and charged the point. It was hands down one of the best surf sessions I’ve ever had. The AHI board performed way better than expected. I got twice as many waves as my surf bro’s. One of my friends thought it would be funny to burn me on a wave and dropped in on me, to his surprise I blasted right passed him on a bottom turn and continued to cook down the line, he was swallowed up by the racing lip and got pitched… that was the first and last wave he dared burn me on! He didn’t hear the end of it all trip and my friends proclaimed that I had the wave of the weekend.

I highly recommend the AHI Board and will be taking it on EVERY surf trip or session… The AHI lives in the back of my truck… I never leave home without it!

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