Introducing the Original AHI Board

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Mexico Surf Trip – Surf etiquette Karma

I took a guided surf trip to Salina Cruz, Mexico. Me and four friends booked a cool surf camp that provided lodging, meals, transportation, and a full-time guide. There are a handful of different camps in Salina Cruz that shuttle frothing surfers from surf break to surf break. We had a great experience and surfed uncrowded waves pretty much the entire trip… except for the second to the last day there. The swell dropped on this day, which meant that every surf camp brought their clients to the only point break that was breaking that day. At first it was great, the crowd was very stress free, and the lineup operated as it should. Even though the waves were smaller,...

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Nor Cal Surf Adventure

A few friends of mine and I decided to do a surf/backpacking trip in Northern California. I’m not going to disclose the location but it’s truly a hidden gem. It was about an 8-mile (tide sensitive) beach hike to our camping spot. Don’t be fooled by the pleasant nature of “beach hike”. It was a grueling hike with deep sand, softball sized cobble stones, creak crossings, and high winds. I was the only one in my party that body boards, they all surf. I decided to try out the AHI board for this trip, I had only ridden it a few times prior to my trip. It seemed to handle really well in smaller beach break surf, so I was...

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Hawaii Trip

I recently took my 16 year old son on a tropical vacation for his birthday. We both decided that we wanted to seek out a place that would guarantee us waves. After a quick discussion we decided to go to the North Shore of Oahu. Both my son and I are avid surfers and love riding waves any way we can. We both brought our surf boards. We also brought along an AHI body board. With limited space in our surfboard travel bag, we were able to simply check the AHI as a “checked” bag. The airline charged us for the surf bag, but the AhI board was considered “checked luggage” with no added baggage fee! We had a very...

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